Apidca Joint Ventures

Company Overview

APICDA is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening local economies and building infrastructure to support commerce in six remote villages in the Aleutian-Pribilof region of Alaska:

* Akutan.
* Akta.
* False Pass.
* Nelson Lagoon.
* Nikolski.
* St. George.

We focus our efforts on community-based initiatives, advocacy, vocational training, education and social programs that have been identified as high priorities. The APICDA board and staff work closely together to achieve our strategic objectives and leverage our resources for maximum benefit to our member communities.

APICDA’s corporate headquarters is located in Juneau. Our CEO, Accounting, Payroll, Tech Services, Quota and Government Relations departments are located in the corporate office. Administrative, Communications, Programs, Operations & Safety, Tourism and Human Resources are located in the Anchorage office. APICDA has operational activity and services in all of our member communities to include vessels, heavy equipment, and boat storage.

APICDA Joint Ventures (AJV) is the primary holding company for all of APICDA’s for-profit operations. The majority of our companies are consolidated under AJV. AJV is focused on creating economic development, growing commerce in the region and supporting communities. Employees of AJV are typically working for Operations, or in an Administrative function supporting the operations.

Company Website: www.apicda.com

Available Positions